…’s the word

I can’t really comment on Anchorwoman because anything I say will undoubtedly get me into trouble down the line,


if I were to weigh in, I would say something to the effect of this:

Yup. Exactly.

UPDATE: B&C reports that the series has been cancelled for not delivering the numbers. Classic.

3 thoughts on “…’s the word”

  1. Yeah, because the idea of a network hiring a hot chick to read the news is just so darned unusual! It’s a wonder they couldn’t draw an audience with an outrageous premise like that!

  2. It was the faux outrage that got me.

    I worked in a small market. Most small market reporters are just there until the next bigger market opportunity comes along (myself included). You do the best you can during your tenure, but no one’s fooling anyone. The viewers and you both know you’re planning to move on.

    To pretend that small station was some bastion of journalistic integrity and putting a “green” non-reporter on the air was some huge offense was …well… offensive.

  3. Yep. Really, news readers on local news, especially at the small market level, are usually just pretty people without much if any journalistic background. Some do seem to get stuck and stay in the same place for 30 years, though.

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