Speaking of food,

I’m not much of a cook. And by “not much of a cook,” I mean, I don’t cook at all. I can make turkey chili and rice, and that’s about it. And even the rice part is hit or miss most of the time.

But I love food. I watch a lot of Food Network. I have food preparation envy. I’m just more of a take out/order in kind of gal.

I never cooked much as a kid. My mother was an excellent cook and my father was a spectacularly particular eater so there was no need to mess with either side of that equation. When I got to college, there wasn’t much cooking involved in maintaining the frozen yogurt and pretzel diet. And living in various studio apartments in Manhattan with microscopic kitchens, I was never inspired to buy decent cookware, let alone attempt to fire up a meal.

I’m sure if I ever get to a place with space, I’ll take a stab at learning to cook. I think it’d be fun to try. Worst case scenario, I contribute to The Burnt Food Museum .

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