Friends don’t let friends dial drained

Good news. I sold my couch on Craigslist. I’m going to get the cash today, but the guy can’t move the sofa until Sunday when he’s got his truck. No biggie except I am taking off today for the weekend. My landlord would prefer not to spend his last weekend of freedom (before his firstborn arrives on Wednesday) waiting for some guy to get my couch. Totally understood. So I am trying to find a solution. I’ve got a friend willing to take my old keys and let the buyer in, but she lives a little farther away than like, say, my neighbor. My thought was – call the neighbor and ask him to let couchman in on Sunday. He’s there anyway.

I hunt though my phone for Steve’s number. I find it and hit send. And when he picks up, we start chatting. He explains he’s in Baltimore but should be back on Sunday. I explain my dilemma and how it would be easier to leave my keys with him since he is just next door. Next door? He’s confused. It’s then I realize, I CALLED THE WRONG STEVE!

Wrong Steve is someone I haven’t spoken to in 6 months. We’ve had no need to speak. I’m actually not even sure why his number’s still in my phone. Awkward!

We do the appropriate thing for a totally inappropriate moment and make unnecessary small talk. Just enough small talk to move into the zone where it’s ok to say goodbye. There’s an empty offer of “hey we should hang out sometime” which neither of us plans to do. Or wants to do for that matter.

Turns out Right Steve is listed in my phone under his last name. Clever me.

I clearly need a vacation. Color me fried. Back Monday. Have a good weekend.

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