Not sure I even have a right to be mad. I feel a little bit like a sucker for covering the launch of Apple’s new iTouch iPod. But I’m sure I don’t feel like as much of a sucker as the suckers who paid $600 for the 8 GB iPhone two months ago, only to hear that Steve Jobs is cutting the price by $200. Makes you wonder how sales of the iPhone are going if they have to chop the price like that. ***LATE BREAKING NEWS*** Apple is giving a $100 store credit to any of the iSucka’s who paid full price for their iPhone before the price drop. THIS IS MARKETING! WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT IT? Because Apple has caused a seismic cultural shift. Their new iPhone Touch downloads video directly from YouTube. It’s wireless and has a touch screen, Apple has sold 100 MILLION iPods of various incarnations since the first one came available in the fall of 2001. 100 MILLION in 6 years. It took Sony 13 years to sell 100 MILLION Walkmans. Apple is a phenomenon….and I guess we have to talk about it a lot. Tomorrow morning I am going to talk about how Apple must have heard me saying that all the iSucka’s must be pissed (can I say “pissed” on a blog?) about the deep discount. Those iPods have a lot of Chinese parts in them, you know. I hope there’s no lead paint in or on them.

Buy low, sell high.

V Money.

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