I’m not going to do a long 9/11 post today. It’s too much right now.

There is a story to be told of that day. We all have a story, and mine is neither more nor less important than anyone else’s. I was in NYC. It was rough. It still makes me anxious to think about it.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been 6 years. I think it’s fitting that it’s overcast today. You should look through this if you haven’t.

Here’s what I will contribute today:

When I left CNN, a lot of really terrific people emailed and called to say a lot of really nice things. It made everything that went down a little easier to swallow. And I thought, “Why do we wait for some definitive moment to tell people how we really feel about them?”

It may be a little cliche to suggest – especially on 9/11 – but maybe it is worth saying something nice to someone today. Maybe something you wouldn’t normally share because it seems a little out of place in the absence of a trigger.

Wouldn’t it be nice for that sentiment NOT to be too late?

It’s 11:11. That’s my wish.

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