Home sweet home

The clothes dryer just went off, and I thought someone was at the door.

Maybe I should be spending a little more time at home. You know, getting used to the noises.

The good news is I did take a shower here last night. A real one. Where the water comes down. All together. In the same direction. That’s progress.

The apartment is looking much better today too. The crew is still working on it, and I still don’t have a couch. But I do have a new kitchen counter and faucet, and I can close the bathroom door. They fixed the hole in the ceiling above the entryway and exorcised the demons from my electrical wiring. I’ve got two working air conditioners and windows that close. Nevermind the ominous sound of incessant banging, constant drilling, dropped tools, and crumbling plaster. It’s like Christmas come early.

Did I mention the repairmen talk to each other in what I think is Polish? So I don’t have a sense of how it’s going. I did just hear an “aye yaye yaye” which I’m pretending is Polish for “Wow, I cannot believe how perfectly all these repairs are coming together.”

And I could be wrong, but I think “sh*t!” is totally Polish for “This job could not be easier. What will we do with all the free time we are going to have this afternoon?”

Yup, all’s good in the Dream House.

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