A Load of Comcrap

I’m sitting at home (on the floor. still no couch) on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon waiting for the cable guy. Why? Because I ordered cable with DVR, and my DVR doesn’t work. Why? Because they gave me the wrong box. When I called customer service, the woman informed me that I should have “done my research” and known that I had to request a “dual tuner box.”

Really? Because if you go to the Comcast website, you find this:

Digital Video Recorder

The technology is advanced, but using it is simple. Pause any show on any channel, instantly replay live TV, watch a scene in slow motion, or rewind the show you’ve been watching. Easily record your favorite shows or an entire season, all with the touch or two of a button. And with the built-in dual tuner, you can even watch one channel while recording another. You’ll never have to worry about the hassle of videotapes again!

By the way, my window was 12-3pm. It’s after 3pm now, and the cable guy just called for directions. Not that he’s lost. He just wanted to know if I was actually at the address I provided and if I was still “having the problem.”

Color me baffled.

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