Liquid Lunch (and dinner)

I’m not interested in getting too personal with my blog because frankly, who cares?

But I am having the Katie Couric Special tomorrow morning, and posting will be lighter than usual, I suspect, as I prepare for the fun that is about to ensue.

Since this is not my first time riding this ride, I know exactly what to expect. I have no intentions of sharing those details, but what I will contribute to the greater good is the following sentiment:

Yes, it’s annoying. Yes, it’s still kind of embarrassing to talk about it. But everyone has had, will have, or should have it done eventually. And the whole process is not as horrifying as you’ll imagine it to be.

Ok, the today part is pretty unpleasant, but the alternative of not going through with it is just too risky. So I will be here, lying low with my chicken broth and ginger ale, and I’ll post if something interesting (unrelated) strikes my fancy.

Otherwise, more tomorrow afternoon.

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