Glamour shot

All went well. I’m back home. Hazy but here.

Speaking of Dazed and Confused, I once wrote a letter to Glamour magazine about Renee Zellweger (stay with me here. there will be a point). They profiled the actress and mentioned she got her start in D&C. I have seen that flick a gabillion times, and not once did Miss Renee make an appearance. Her face isn’t in the movie, and her name isn’t in the credits. Joey Lauren Adams was in the movie, and she looks a lot like Renee. But it’s not Renee. So I felt it was my duty to inform the mag that they’d gotten it wrong. Plus, I like Empire Records too, and that could very well be described as a solid early Renee role. I included that little tidbit in my letter for good measure.

Glamour wrote back. They said that Renee was in D&C but that it was an uncredited bit part. So I watched the movie again. And again, no trace of Renee.

Now even if I missed her “cameo” in the background somewhere, I’m guessing if someone who has seen that movie as often as I have over the years can’t find Renee Zellweger anywhere, it’s not much of a career-starter role. Heck, if her name’s not in the credits, it’s not even pretending to be a career-starter role. Me: 1 Glossy mag: 0

This smackdown took place long before the age of the easy Internet search. And today, as I remembered this story, I started googling “Renee Zellweger” and “Dazed and Confused” and found results like this and this. Best I can gather from my unscientific research is that Renee was on the screen for about 2 seconds in the party scene towards the end. Uncredited. Unconfirmed by IMDb. I’m still marginally skeptical.

But let’s say D&C was her first film role (and role is really a stretch here). I still say Glamour got it wrong. They should have said it was her first time on film. They should have quantified her appearance. Instead, if I remember correctly, they called it her break.

I was a candystriper in high school, and the local Spanish-language TV station did a profile on our hospital’s program. The camera caught me saying hello to a patient and delivering flowers. No one’s saying “Jacki got her start in TV as a junior volunteer at South Miami Hospital.”

But in the interest of compromise – and because I’ve been drugged – I’ll say maybe the info was good but the writing was poor. I’d be content with calling it a draw.

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