Power grid

We’re back from NYC, and we had an amazing time. How can you not have fun at a wedding that features spiked SnoCones? Solid choice.

I do feel like we ate our way through Manhattan though. When you live in the city, you pace your consumption. When you’re only back in town for 48 hours, you tend towards wanting to devour everything it has to offer – sights, sounds, and scooped bagels – in ridiculous dose.

Yes, I miss it. A lot.

But I did promise info on my pre-vacay soiree so here goes. It was a fancy shindig celebrating Washington’s most powerful people. I’m not one of those people. I’m the DC power equivalent of a flashcube. But sometimes you need a quick blip of light, and therefore, I was invited to be the non-date date of a “one to watch.” My “one to watch” and I spent much of the night watching and wondering who ARE these people? Clearly, I’m not just out of the loop, but I don’t even own a belt. I was honored to be invited, but the dinner afterwards with good friends and even gooder wine (she says after 3 glasses) trumped the evening’s main event by a wide margin.

Which leads me to this. My Power 150 is probably closer to a Power 15 these days, but it’s not tough to make the list. You just need the power to make me laugh, the power to laugh at me when appropriate, and the power to laugh at the rest of the city that takes itself much too seriously far too often.

DC needs a little NYC. It could start with scooped bagels.

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