Minty Refreshing

I’m not one to hype a product, but in the day and age of brand name overload, it’s novel to find a no name gem. I had never heard of Queen Helene before tonight, and I would still be oblivious were it not for a desperate quest to find a facial masque. CVS – being as well-stocked as usual – had one option. Bottom shelf. Back of the store. Nothing offensive on the short list of ingredients so I shelled out $3.99 and thought it’d be worth the experiment.

Turns out, this stuff rocks. I know, I’ve lost the men. But for my female readers – or reader (again, Hi Mom) – Queen Helene is the woman. I looked it up online, and not only is it inexpensive and effective, but it’s been around forever. From the website:

Queen Helene now produces over one hundred different products for the face, body, feet, hair and scalp. Some of these products have been consistently used since the early 30’s. Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque is a fine example. It’s a truly unique acne product, developed before the use of synthetics were available. Today, the preparation for this product remains the same.

Now my face is minty fresh, and I feel downright regal. Ok, that’s a stretch, but it’s good goop.

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