Really Annoying

It takes a lot to turn me off a reality show. Especially The Real World. Because it’s the grandfather of most reality crap these days, I am inclined to afford it certain liberties. But this season is just painful. It’s like casting passed out in a sorority house and picked the first four girls it saw when it came to. The guys are equally homogeneous. Oh wait, I’m sorry. One has an accent. There’s a lot of inane talk about “girl code” and “right and wrong” and most of it takes place in the 2 hours the cast is not wasted out of their minds. In my unofficial expert opinion, the show’s not only jumped the shark. It’s leapfrogged the animal, been chewed into tiny little pieces, and then spit back out again for being just that tough to swallow.

2 thoughts on “Really Annoying”

  1. Ha ha….that is so funny because, well, you know that I used to work at MTV, and for the first time I watched the show last night. I could not believe how generic it was….the same four girls, with neurotic tendencies (I love them) and the same for jock dudes…and don’t forget to give one guy a cowboy hat. I got stuck watching it and some chic was throwing a wine bottle around the kitchen and then some guy was talking to his sandwich. Funny….but not reality. My friends used to edit the videos and the stuff you really want to see…like people having drunk sex…or doing blow….you can’t show on TV. We took puck out one night in NYC. That was a debacle….

    Anyway, I still miss ya much around the studio. It’s just not the same…I check your blog every now and then-I like it. It’s very you. And you did finally get your Emmy. You deserve it. Especially after all the shit this place put you through.
    Catch up with you later,

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