Head Start

I’ve spent most of the morning/early afternoon battling a migraine. Stubborn little sucker. I can usually kill it with three Advil and a nap. This one’s been tougher to tackle.

I can remember having migraines as far back as high school. Skipping lunch was a likely trigger. And stress. I’ve always been sensitive.

The fortunate – albeit scary – thing about my migraines is that I do know they’re coming. They warn me with tingling in various parts of my body (and not in a good way) and blurred vision. I had to walk out of an exam in high school once because I couldn’t see half the page. That’s how this morning’s began. Not being able to see straight. Happy Monday.

I haven’t felt particularly overwhelmed the past few days, but I suspect my mind’s working out something fierce behind my back. Nothing like a little subconscious overload to get the week off to a roaring start.

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