I’m having all shades of dotcom deja vu lately. Everytime I get an html newsletter from some website, I think about my days in the Pseudotainment cave fine-tuning Dreamweaver templates. Everytime someone mentions community building or web environment or video interface, I get the urge to hop a shaky elevator and bum a smoke on the corner of Broadway and Houston.

It’s an interesting time for the Internet again. I believe new technology may give old ideas a second chance. I think both creatives and entrepreneurs are missing the freedom and frivolity of the late 90s. I am genuinely impressed when online ventures catch on and convert the next wave of believers.

But forgive me if I don’t strip the water wings and dive head first into the deep end of the pool. I remember what happened when it sprung a leak the first time around.

Let’s collectively do ourselves a favor. Let’s not pretend we haven’t been here before.

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