Cat’s Out of the Bag

If I worked for QVC or HSN, this is EXACTLY the kind of host I would be. Mike Rowe before Dirty Jobs (via FishbowlNY):

“If we had audio, you would hear this cat making sounds of unbridled pleasure.”

I haven’t watched the second and third clips yet, but the first was enough to seal the deal for me. Mike Rowe rules.

Btw, true story. My friend Nicole and I first became friends because our mothers were both addicted to home shopping. My mother would probably argue with the word “addicted,” but Nic and I knew better. And we both had the random gifts to prove it. I’m not entirely convinced I didn’t own the Katsak at some point. I do still have the kitty hammock.

UPDATE: Just watched the second clip. I also had a lava lamp…up until like, recently.

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