Pants Off Sound Off

Woke up this morning to NPR reporting a hip-hop plea to America’s youth. Here’s a video clip of a news report on the song. From the MySpace page:

“It’s rude not cool, walkin around showin your behind to other dudes…”

This Christian Science Monitor write from June details the sagging pants trend and explains its origins. It also talks about how some people are uncomfortable with the fashion statement because of a culture they suspect it represents.

On that count, I disagree. If you’re passing laws to prevent self-expression because of some thinly-veiled racist assumption, then you’re just uneducated or misinformed.

However, if you’re asking guys to pull their pants up because it just looks dumb, then you’ve won me over. In fact, I kind of wish someone had written a song for us back in the 80s.

“Ditch the Stretch Pants” or “Say No to Neon” or “Big Bangs/Bad Decision”…all would have been hits.

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