The Circle of Life

And with that, Babypalooza Weekend comes to an explosive close. Literally. Baby K had an accident at lunch. Chalk it up to too much excitement and a loosely fastened diaper.

Mommy K and I were quite the pair in the women’s restroom. It was a true tag team effort to get that mess in check. But we did, and Baby K emerged clean, happy, and naked.

The best part of the whole experience though is what it says about the circle of life. Mommy K and I have been friends for 29 years. We’ve grown up together and have experienced most of life’s milestones either together or over the phone. She was with me the day I got my braces in elementary school. I was there for her the day she called from Cornell freshman year to inform me that Ithaca was, in fact, freezing. There have been the usual ups and downs – it happens – but she is truly my oldest friend. We haven’t lived in the same city since high school, yet we’ve managed to keep the friendship alive. I think we both respect what it means to really know someone.

That said, helping her care for her first child – her gorgeous little girl – made me really happy. It was such a comical moment – the two of us crammed into a teeny bathroom stall half in and half out – cleaning up this smiling little bundle of baby. It was also pivotal in a weird way. A clear shift from one generation to the next.

Could have been a cleaner move, but I’ll take it.

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