Drop the Burrito and Come out with your Hands up

I know my posts have been supershort lately. I’ll try to be more prolific going forward. But in the interim, here’s a little something to play with.

Do you eat at Chipotle? Curious how many calories you’re packing into that Burrito Ball you just had them assemble for you? Chipotlefan.com lets you virtually create that same concoction and then calculates your intake.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I’m gonna. If you get anything but lettuce and….well, lettuce…you’re screwed.

I tried to slim down my pickin’s yesterday by ditching the rice, sour cream, and cheese and STILL came in over 600.

On a related note, this is why Google rocks. I typed in “huge burrito” to find an image for this post and found this write from 2005.

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