I’m Thaiming You

We ordered Thai food for dinner the other night, and the time from call to delivery…16 minutes. With that kind of service, where’s the incentive to cook?

My signif is convinced we get special treatment because the restaurant recognizes our orders by now, AND he’s befriended the delivery guy. He says it’s not just that they’re fast but that they go out of their way to get to us first. All I know for sure is said friendship produces a ridiculous number of free sodas with every meal.

And even though we live on the edge of their delivery zone, we get our food in 16 minutes. 16. I’m not even sure how that works.

One thought on “I’m Thaiming You”

  1. I have a chinese food delivery guy that averages 19 minutes – and once showed up in 10.5. I’m mostly convinced that he’s got a van with a wok in the back.

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