Check Mate?

My signif told me this great story tonight about two girls he knew in grad school. They were fun friends, but he was neither attracted to nor interested in dating either. Let’s call them Veronica and Betty for the sake of flow.

One day, Veronica hands signif a note. It reads, “Do you like Betty? Check yes/no.” (He can’t remember if there was a maybe, and the story is SO much better when we assume there wasn’t.) He notices Betty noticing his response to the note, and being the good guy he is (he is), he checks yes so as not to offend his friend.

Next thing he knows, he gets word Betty expects to go out.

“The check note’s not binding! It’s not binding! Not after like second grade!”

But as he retold the story tonight, he started to give it more thought. Election checkboxes are binding. Disclosure form checkboxes are binding. So at what age do we officially outgrow the checkbox? Maybe in some weird way, elementary school prepares us for adulthood. You’ve got to put some thought into that checkbox lest you get strapped with someone you don’t particularly like in that way.

Think we’re onto something here?

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