New Year, Same Pressure

Yup, I am one of those people that doesn’t like New Year’s Eve. There’s always so much anxiety leading up to the night. What to do? Where to go? Whom to spend it with?

The most fun I’ve ever had on “the big night” is the time when I attended a house party at a house where I was staying so there was no commute. The most recent best celebration was a dinner party for a small group of close friends. Mellow. No expectations. Just good wine, good food, and good company.

Last year, we went to a cool little party at a friend’s place, but I had to work the next morning so no booze for me. I’m not sure it even counts as a NYE celebration if you’re home in bed by 12:15am.

Tonight my signif and I have come up with the perfect plan for just the two of us. I’m not sharing. It’s between us.

And even though it’s NYE, I’m kinda looking forward to it.


We just saw it. Yes, it’s good. Yes, Ellen Page is good. So’s Michael Cera. And Jason Bateman. And Jennifer Garner.

It’s so rare to find a truly enjoyable movie these days (and by enjoyable I mean one worth paying theater prices for) that when I do, I feel a little better about the world.

Plus, we scored matinee prices so I also feel a little better about about having paid $3.50 for my bottle of water.

Just slightly. Not entirely.

Coffee Talk

A very wise man once told me the key to good gift giving is following one rule:

Men like stuff that plugs in. Women usually don’t.

Recently, I’ve found the first part of this to be true. The birthday Wii went over extremely well. The Christmas Grind and Brew…equally well-received.

My signif and I opened the last batch of gifts last night (the ones just between us), and while he adored all of mine (and was sufficiently forthcoming with said adoration), the coffeemaker sent from Mom and her signif was HUGE.

My guy spent a good 45 minutes setting it up, reading the manual, conducting a test run, and then walking me through a tutorial, complete with hands-on demonstration of every detailed component.

It was really something. And while the coffee this morning was pretty spectacular, it wasn’t just the Dunkin Donuts beans that made it terrific. It was that I know how much love went into sending the gift, and I got to see firsthand how much pure, unadulterated joy came with receiving the gift.

It’s not about the stuff and the plugs. It’s about the people you care about and turning them on.

Thaim and Thaim Again

Our delivery guy just beat his old record.

14 minutes.

From time of call to time at door:

14 minutes.

I asked him tonight how he does it. He said tonight was slow. Ok, so that explains how he shaved 2 minutes off his time.

But how is he always so fast? He says it’s because he doesn’t want customers to wait.

I think he’s a Superhero in disguise. There is no other way.

Shot Through the Heart

and bleeding cheese. I am in the car on the way back from Weems listening to Blake Lewis’ debut album and weeping softly on the inside.

It’s not just bad. It’s atrocious. It’s like caramel popcorn dipped in glitter. The purple and pink album cover should have tipped me off. But after Blake’s promising originality on American Idol, I thought, maybe, just maybe, he had some talent worth supporting.

Turns out, not so much. The album’s a sticky, synth-pop, overproduced 80’s B-movie soundtrack that got run over by a gaggle of teenage girls and then remixed by an old school Casio keyboard stuck in bossa nova on crack.

And that’s me being generous.

p.s. We just drove past Don’s Turkey Shoot. I love this route.

Season’s Greetings

We are off for the second Christmas celebration. Last night was one half of the family. Tonight and tomorrow is the other.

I’m lucky to be with someone who loves the holiday season. This year, we hung a garland (we thought it was a wreath), and I got my very first advent calendar. There is nothing religious about these rituals for me, but they are all fulfilling in a very different way.

Happy Holidays. May you like what you get. May you give with love. And may the calories you consume be totally worth it.

Ok, I Lied

I may actually be kinda sick. I’ve got a cough and some congestion and it feels like a small woodland animal curled up and died in my chest.

However, I am not convinced I can’t nurse the ailment myself so I will be here – in and out of the NyQuil-induced haze.

Now, it could be the syrup talking, but courtesy of Buzzfeed (guilty pleasure. see right), I found these intriguing you-can-get-pretty-much-anything-by-the-month clubs.

Aside from the obvious Wine Club, the best of the bunch has got to be the Cheese Club (I have a slight cheese addiction). There are also the Lobster Club and the Peanut Butter Club, both of which I would imagine have to get awfully creative by month 12.

Worst? The Necktie of the Month Club. Why give one lame gift when you can give the same lame gift 12 times a year?

Perfectly Random

Last night, my signif and I started making a list of the things we know we’re not good at. You should try it. It’s kinda funny.

His: Small talk, kissing ass, anything bendy like yoga and toe-touching, and pull-ups.

Mine: Cooking, home improvement, pull-ups, and letting it go.