Most joggers I know hate cyclists. Come to think of it, so do most drivers I know.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for choosing the pedal over the pump to save the planet. And I’ll always encourage exercise because too many people don’t get enough of it to begin with.

But many bike riders around here have this sense of uber-entitlement that drives most of us batty. What part of the “Walk Your Bike” sign is confusing? When did stoplights stop applying to you?

Don’t bark at me when I fail to yield to your refusal to literally get off your ass. And it’s not the car’s fault you insist on the perpetual right of way. It doesn’t make you right.

I was all ready to shoulder blame today when a cyclist came up on my left, and I didn’t hear him over my headphones. My bad. Maybe they were a touch too loud. Then I remembered I was in a no ride zone, and I ditched apologies for defiance.

Granted, he was well past me by the time I composed my rant, but his back sure got an earful. And yes, it did sound a lot like this.

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