Ok, I Lied

I may actually be kinda sick. I’ve got a cough and some congestion and it feels like a small woodland animal curled up and died in my chest.

However, I am not convinced I can’t nurse the ailment myself so I will be here – in and out of the NyQuil-induced haze.

Now, it could be the syrup talking, but courtesy of Buzzfeed (guilty pleasure. see right), I found these intriguing you-can-get-pretty-much-anything-by-the-month clubs.

Aside from the obvious Wine Club, the best of the bunch has got to be the Cheese Club (I have a slight cheese addiction). There are also the Lobster Club and the Peanut Butter Club, both of which I would imagine have to get awfully creative by month 12.

Worst? The Necktie of the Month Club. Why give one lame gift when you can give the same lame gift 12 times a year?

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