Coffee Talk

A very wise man once told me the key to good gift giving is following one rule:

Men like stuff that plugs in. Women usually don’t.

Recently, I’ve found the first part of this to be true. The birthday Wii went over extremely well. The Christmas Grind and Brew…equally well-received.

My signif and I opened the last batch of gifts last night (the ones just between us), and while he adored all of mine (and was sufficiently forthcoming with said adoration), the coffeemaker sent from Mom and her signif was HUGE.

My guy spent a good 45 minutes setting it up, reading the manual, conducting a test run, and then walking me through a tutorial, complete with hands-on demonstration of every detailed component.

It was really something. And while the coffee this morning was pretty spectacular, it wasn’t just the Dunkin Donuts beans that made it terrific. It was that I know how much love went into sending the gift, and I got to see firsthand how much pure, unadulterated joy came with receiving the gift.

It’s not about the stuff and the plugs. It’s about the people you care about and turning them on.

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