New Year, Same Pressure

Yup, I am one of those people that doesn’t like New Year’s Eve. There’s always so much anxiety leading up to the night. What to do? Where to go? Whom to spend it with?

The most fun I’ve ever had on “the big night” is the time when I attended a house party at a house where I was staying so there was no commute. The most recent best celebration was a dinner party for a small group of close friends. Mellow. No expectations. Just good wine, good food, and good company.

Last year, we went to a cool little party at a friend’s place, but I had to work the next morning so no booze for me. I’m not sure it even counts as a NYE celebration if you’re home in bed by 12:15am.

Tonight my signif and I have come up with the perfect plan for just the two of us. I’m not sharing. It’s between us.

And even though it’s NYE, I’m kinda looking forward to it.

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