Internet Report

I preface this post by reiterating my reporting does not imply an endorsement of one candidate or another. Trend observations and analyses should be taken on face value.

Now, that said, here’s where online video’s going to favor Obama:

He’s arguably the most charismatic and inspirational public speaker we’ve seen in a long time. Clinton (Bill not Hillary) is brilliant and natural and nothing if not convincing, but Obama conveys a sense of passion reminiscent of the voices behind great movements. And now, in the day and age of Youtube, you don’t have to see him in person to get it. He translates. And all it takes is one energized college kid to pass the video on to his friends, and Obama’s got himself a congregation of tech-savvy supporters.

We know the takedown power of viral video. That concept’s still in play. But we’d be remiss to ignore the boost candidates stand to gain through the medium as well.

Hillary’s heated response (heated being the Youtube title) re: change from Saturday night’s debate is one of the week’s most viewed clips so far. How you interpret the soundbite is up to you. You either see her as combative or confident, but either way, you see her in a vacuum, and you are left to formulate your own interpretation. No anchor intro. No pundit translation. For better or worse, it works to get the word out in a new, more fluid forum.

And in this context, I agree that change is good.

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