Crime Does and Doesn’t Pay

Nothing breaks the silence between cabbie and cab rider better than hearing this story on the radio:

Police said a man impersonating an armored car guard walked out of a Wachovia bank branch on Pennsylvania Avenue Thursday with more than $100,000, after officials let him sign for a locked bag of cash.

About an hour after the robbery, a real Brinks guard arrived at the bank and was told that another guard had completed the day’s cash pickup.

Police said the Brinks driver waited until he returned to his office to tell his supervisors about the failed pickup. Brinks officials contacted the bank, and a branch manager called D.C. police about 8 p.m. — almost 11 hours after the theft.

Cops are now playing catch-up, trying to get witness descriptions and surveillance camera footage. Maybe those shots will turn up here.

In other unrelated crime news, did you hear the one about the two guys in NYC who tried to wheel their dead friend into a check cashing place to collect his social security?

I’ve got nothing funny to add. It’s rich as is.

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