Happy Smurfday

Did you know The Smurfs are turning 50?

You can brush up on all the smurftastic facts about the little blue bunch here.

AWESOME Smurfday website here.

How smurfrific is this!?!:

From January to October 2008 we will be smurfing countless European cities, wishing ourselves a ‘Happy Smurfday!’ While everyone’s asleep, we will hide thousands of little white Smurfs, just our size, around the city. Look out for them, because if you find a Smurf you can smurf it home. Paint it, colour it, dress it, whatever you like –into what you feel a Smurf should be.

You can track the Euro-smurfing on this map, but a city won’t pop up until it’s been properly smurfed.

I want to go to Europe and hunt for hidden smurfs!

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