It’s all Relative

Only in the TV business would the words 5.3 million and abysmal turn up in the same sentence.

Let’s put these numbers into perspective, shall we? Most cable news programs don’t get close to 1 million viewers on a good day. I missed the NBC Golden Globes “fiasco,” but from what I understand, the non-event was pretty pathetic and still drew more than 5 times the audience.

Now this assessment is just downright stupid:

The upside of Mark Zuckerberg’s squirmy performance “60 Minutes”: No one watched it. The CBS show, which averages 14.3 million viewers an airing, drew a season-low 9.6 million viewers on Sunday. That’s presumably due to tough competition from the Giants-Cowboys game on Fox, but it may also be due to the fact that (shhh!) outside of the certain corners of the Internet, no one cares that much about Facebook.

To say “no one watched” and then claim almost 10 million people tuned in on a playoff night is asinine. So is announcing that only a select demo cares about Facebook. You been on it lately, cowboy? I’d say the proliferation of companies and organizations and politicians and casual Internet users is evidence enough that if it were tucked away in a corner somewhere, that would be an awfully crowded corner.

Sounds to me like someone’s got a personal beef with Zuckerberg. Maybe you want to work that out offline.

Oh, and I would add that Zuckerberg’s interview was the last segment of the show behind slaughtered tuna and rape in Congo. Couple of real solid Sunday night family dinnertime lead-ins, wouldn’t you say?

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