True Crime: Miami-Dade Edition

I was just about to declare myself a personal snow day and excuse myself from writing this afternoon when my friend Lindsay emailed out this story. Here’s a little snippet of the gem:

Two alleged gang members who taunted the Miami Dade Police Department in a video posted on YouTube have been arrested by U.S. agents and charged with federal firearms violations.

Rudy Villanueva and Tony Logan, alleged members of a Miami-Dade County street gang called the Bird Road Boys, were seen in the video brandishing a shotgun, assault rifle and handguns. (…)

“Villanueva and Logan threatened law enforcement. They brandished weapons and told us, ‘Here I am baby. & Come get us if you want.’ Villanueva said come get me, and we did.

ABC’s got the video uploaded so you can get a real sense of the brainpower at work.

See, I was born and raised in Miami, and Lindsay often taunts my home state for being severely defective on a regular basis. I can’t argue with her, but I am often comforted by the fact that her finds usually come from Florida counties north of my own.

Nope. Not this time. This one is good ol’ Dade County. Way to go, guys! Gots me some hometown pride up in here.

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