You Don’t Say?

Watch President Clinton hand Jessica Yellin her ass on a platter.

I know Jessica, and she’s always been nice to me, but I have to say in this case, he’s right.

UPDATE 4/17/08: I ran into Jessica today, and we had the chance to sit down and catch up. In the interest of full honesty and disclosure, I mentioned I’d written about her on this site. I didn’t want her to stumble on it and think I was taking a dig. She gave me some inside dirt on what went down that day and why she asked the question. After hearing her explanation and knowing what I know now about the Clintons, I am inclined to amend my stance and shift my assessment. I do, however, still stand behind my support of Stewart.

It’s similar to Jon Stewart’s famous Crossfire appeal:

For my friends who worked on Crossfire and loved the show, I respect your right to question Stewart’s tactic and/or choice of venue. (This was the argument I heard time and time again while on the inside. And I got where the emotion was coming from.)

However, in my eyes, neither detracted from his being right. Not one bit.

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