Liveblogging the Train Wreck

So my signif is off writing, and I’ve succumb to the devil that is bad network TV. Right now, this new show – The Moment of Truth – is starting, and I’m already feeling really dirty.

People choose to out themselves and their family members and friends for cash. Ah, money.

I’m all for honesty. I’m not in favor of divulging personal secrets on TV.

First question: (The guy’s a personal trainer.)
Have you ever cancelled an appointment with a client for being sick when you really weren’t?
Ok, SO not a big deal. Who hasn’t called in “sick” when not so sick?

Second question: Have you ever checked yourself out in the mirror?

So far, easy street. But I’m no dummy. I know this is going to get bad – really bad – really fast.

And yet I cannot turn away.

I need a shower.

9:20pm: Back from commercial. I’m hearing “harder” and “more revealing.”

Question 7: Would you encourage your wife (who is sitting right there) to get lipo if her belly got flabby?
The dope said yes. Yup, this is where the marriage falls apart.

Question 9: Ever had sex with someone you just met?
He’s a dude. A former pro football dude. That’s a given.

Question 10: Another marriage destroyer. Ever done something that might make your wife not trust you?
Yes again.

And this ruined marriage is worth how much cash? Because when the show’s over, this guy goes home with an insecure/jealous wife. Nice parting gift. Thanks for playing.

Commercial 2. I should turn it off and go read something. Something cleansing. A volume of poetry perhaps.
But I owe it to you – the reader – to persevere. I sacrifice for you. I watch in shame so you don’t have to.

Halfwayish @ 9:28pm: $25,000 on the line

Speaking of online, the question is … Do you flirt online?
He said no. His wife doesn’t buy it. Turns out he’s not fibbing though. And with that, it continues.

Oh wait. The host just mentioned they’ve only been together a couple of years. Danger.

And now we have a lit fuse. The guy just said he’s held out on having kids b/c he’s not sure he’ll be with his wife forever. She’s asking him to keep going b/c…wait for it… she wants to know! When did couples decide this was the type of information best discussed with an audience of millions?

I don’t know how much more I can take. I feel bad for them. It’s the same feeling I got when I ordered a drink from Flora from The Real World: Miami. Because once the show was over and Flora had sufficiently exposed her personal life on television, she went back to being a bartender on South Beach. And while she was pouring my drink, I kept thinking how weird it was that I knew everything there was to know about her, and yet I was a complete stranger. She knew nothing about me other than what beverage I craved on that particular evening. It was just creepy.

Oooo.Oooo. As I was looking for a good link for Flora, the guy got called out. He may have “touched a client” more than required. The wife looks pissed. He’s toast.

I’m done with this. The second guy’s up now, and I’m assuming it’s more of the same. You get the picture.

The Moment of Truth…

It’s truly horrific.

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