The Line, the Switch, and the Wardrobe

You know the old joke – “My TiVo thinks I’m gay” ?

Well, I think my DVR is gay and wants me to learn how to make it clothes.

I’ve got a couple of shows set to record each week. The settings clearly state I want only new episodes – first showings – on one particular channel.

And yet, I have 18 versions of Project Runway. None is new. I keep canceling the extras, and my DVR keeps resetting to record them anyway.

I can’t sew. I can’t even reattach a button. But now I’m googling “DVR cozy.”

No luck, but I did find instructions on how to make a Lion TV/Monitor Cozy.

Maybe if I humiliate the TV, the DVR will surrender.

2 thoughts on “The Line, the Switch, and the Wardrobe”

  1. heh. Been there. Done that. Some shows purposefully don’t put in the code in the guide whether it’s a new episode or a repeat (The er ‘A Daily Show’, for example – Jon Stewart has even joked about it on his show) so unless I want to record 10 showings a day I have to set up to record some shows manually by time/channel like a vcr.

  2. I’m experimenting with keeping recorded episodes I don’t need and seeing if that works to trick my DVR into thinking it’s already got the episodes it’s threatening to record again.

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