Internet Report 2

Took a glance at YouTube this morning just to see if there was anything noteworthy I’d missed recently. A quick dig into the Most Viewed channels This Month turned up an interesting nugget:

Obama’s 12th.

Ron Paul’s 45th.

Clinton’s 64th.

It’s tough to garner anything definitive or scientific from this info, but to me it would suggest Obama is in top contention for the title of the consummate YouTube candidate. He’s praised for his ability to inspire a crowd, and as I’ve said before, YouTube gives him the opportunity to reach voters not inclined to turn out to hear him in person.

The popularity of his channel – as opposed to one novelty video in particular – tells me Obama’s getting the most out of the video-sharing site whether he’s working at it or not. Seems just making his words (and how they’re delivered) easily heard is enough.

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