It’s Not Easy Being Green

I just rediscovered the mass email I sent around last time I was looking for work.

See, a few years ago, the video game company I was with downsized and laid off almost everyone right before Christmas. So after a night of well-deserved indulgence on New Years Eve and a couple of recuperation days afterwards, I took a friend’s sage advice and fired off a general email to everyone I knew. It may seem silly, but it worked. It’s how I landed at CNN.

Here’s what it looked like. I’ve made some simple changes just to update it. Turns out it’s almost 100% recyclable:

Hi all,

I hope the holiday season start of the new year finds you well and in good spirits.

Unfortunately, my run at Kuma Reality Game CNN has come to a close Another start-up has stalled, and I am going to be unemployed come the first of the year February.

That said, I’m actively job hunting and just ask that you keep me in mind if you hear of anything applicable. Most of my experience is in television and Internet production, but I’m open to suggestions if something else you think might be of interest comes up.

Email me if you’d like a resume. I’m not going to mass email that around – although I do suspect it could make for excellent holiday Valentine’s Day wrapping paper in a pinch.



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