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Patrick Ruffini – who is extremely well-respected in the world of online political communication – is organizing/publicizing an anti-Hillary/Obama one-day fundraiser for Republicans. His description of the campaign on Facebook reads:

F7: One Day to Stop Hillary (and Obama) is a grassroots campaign by Rightroots to mobilize thousands of Republican donors to contribute to our party’s nominee on Thursday, February 7, 2008. Without our support, the Republican nominee could be buried by Clinton and Obama’s cash advantage shortly after winning the nomination. Help the nominee hit the ground running on Day One by taking the pledge and coming back on February 7th to make history.

The mechanics run through Rightroots – the Republican/conservative answer to ActBlue – the online money site for Democratic candidates.

What strikes me about Ruffini’s effort is the emphasis on donating to the Republican cause no matter who the eventual nominee is on either side. The message is one of party unity and solidarity. It’s something conservatives do well.

Progressives have proven much better at online fundraising since the Internet became a player in politics, but from an analytic perspective, it’s good to see a strong push by someone like Ruffini in an effort to get his camp on board. If he can work out how to get it to stick, a cohesive effort to push the party on the right could eventually trump a splintered left.

So while the right’s working hard to catch up online, maybe the left needs to hone in on setting the hairline fractures that often handicap the Democratic party as a whole in the long run.

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  1. Good post. I think it’s worth pointing out the emphasis on Hillary. She’s a strong uniter (of Republicans).

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