Like a Moth to Lame

Morning. We’re soaked here in DC. After weeks of warnings of storms that never were, a true wintery mix has finally materialized.

But, my concern this AM is actually of an indoor nature. I have a cute blue sweater – merino wool – that I took to have dry cleaned about a month ago. Three weeks ago, I took it out of the plastic to wear it, and it had a hole in the front. When I brought it back to the drycleaners for an explanation, they said someone would call me in a day or two. A week went by with no word. I went back and was told someone would get back to me soon. Again, a week passed with no contact.

Yesterday, I trekked back to the cleaners a third time. They had the sweater in house. The owner brought it up front and explained the hole was a moth hole. I asked how that could be. The sweater was fine when I brought it in. It had been in the plastic since being cleaned. The cleaners allegedly uses a moth-proofing chemical to protect clothes.

His explanation?

The moth chewed an invisible hole that only turned up once the garment had been cleaned.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s not making this up. Then why would someone put the sweater back into plastic and send me home with it without pointing out the hole? If it was chewed when it left the cleaners, shouldn’t they have pointed that out? If it got chewed while at home – treated and in the plastic – then their moth-resistant mixture…not so much. But any which way I work through this, I cannot seem to come up with a logical explanation for the series of events.

What am I missing? Besides a chunk of blue sweater.

2 thoughts on “Like a Moth to Lame”

  1. There goes the ‘what am I missing’ question again. My guess is you’re missing cedar in your closets. heh

    Sorry about your lost threads, Jax.

  2. Bill,

    You’re giving my mom a run for her money in the “most loyal” reader category.

    Glad you’re enjoying.

    The drycleaners suggested hanging bars of “strong soap” like Irish Spring in the closets. I wonder if it works…

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