Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Best ad: Bud Light’s fire-breathing date.
Runner-up: E*trade baby and the creepy clown.

Strangest cutaway: Bananacam – isolated shot of overripe bananas meant to illustrate the players pounding potassium.
Runner-up: Pamela Anderson

Best use of political capital: Obama airing an ad just around halftime. Not only does he get people talking at the time, but he guarantees himself coverage in all the post-bowl ad wrap-ups as reporters repeat the following: “And the only candidate to advertise during the Superbowl was…”
Runner-up: Carville and Frist do Coke.

Best snack: Super Chicken Nachos (see photo above)
Runner-up: 2nd helping of Super Chicken Nachos

objects in image are more delicious than they appear

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterbacking”

  1. If you read on, you will probably discover somewhere along the way that I am a lousy cook and therefore, don’t opt to do it much.

    I’m glad to know you’re plowing through the posts. They’ve been such fun to write.

  2. you are an excellent writer with interesting topics, you should probably write a book or a play or something.

    you’ve got really good taste in poetry also, a really wide-ranging taste, and you’ve given me some new poets to read.

    this is a lot of fun, so thank you very much, you have put in a lot of work. i followed your post from Chez about the AMer so it was serendipity i suppose that led me here.

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