Loaded Question

An old high school friend invented a board game called Loaded Questions. It’s been on the market for a while in toy stores, book stores, etc. He once sent me a freebie for doing him a favor, and though I have never actually played the game as intended, I have distributed short stacks of game cards amongst friends and sparked up some seriously engaging conversation.

The questions aren’t half as scandalous as you might suspect. Instead, they tend to be just interesting enough to get the ball rolling.

One fun one is (and I paraphrase here because I’m too lazy to go dig up the actual card) “What celebrity do people say you resemble most?”

I’ll start. I used to get Kim Raver and Sheryl Crow when I was blonde. My signif looks like the new Brawny guy or Paul Rudd depending on whom you ask.

What about you? Whom do you look like when your friends are loaded?

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