Post Super Tuesday Post

There was a lot to take in last night. States, votes, percentages, delegates, and a whole slew of fancy maps and graphics. We started the eve at a party but rode out the bulk of the results at a smaller intimate gathering and made it home just in time to watch Cali trickle in from the comfort of my couch.

Now that Super Tuesday’s passed, I’m turning my attention to the role of superdelegates who – as I am learning – are not just delegates with capes.

Wikipedia’s got the best explanation of superdelegates that I’ve been able to find online so far. And 2008 Democratic Convention Watch is doing a good job of keeping track of Democratic superdelegate endorsements and the uncommitted still up for grabs.

I wonder how much of an impact superdelegates will have this time around, especially since the Clinton/Obama race could be superclose right down to the wire.

On the Republican side, it seems inevitable that McCain’s going to bring it home. I was a little surprised by Huckabee’s strength last night, particularly in the southern states, but it’s probably only because I’d been listening to the media narrative honing in on McCain v. Romney. I felt like Huckabee had been all but written off completely going into Super Tuesday, but a report of his benefitting from a McCain camp push to thwart Romney in West Virginia and then McCain’s niceties towards Huckabee in his victory speech (2:13 in) lead me to believe there may be some truth to the rumor of a McCain/Huckabee ticket to come. We shall see.

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