Taking Stock of Ages

I’ve been making this point for a while now. Age is going to be an issue if it turns out to be an Obama v. McCain race for the White House.

Not the age of the voters so much as the age of the candidates. McCain’s going to have a tough time looking viable up against Obama’s vitality.

Last night was a great example. Nets were all on McCain when Obama stepped up on stage. You better believe there was some serious “What the hell do we do?!?” going on behind the scenes in control rooms everywhere. You cut away from McCain mid-sentence, and you sweat the wrath of the inevitable accusations of bias and favoritism. But you know Obama’s going to be better TV.

The nets got lucky that there didn’t appear to be much substantial overlap. I don’t know for sure though because everyone went to Obama, and I don’t have much interest in researching the end of McCain’s speech online.

And that says something too.

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