Don’t Toy With Me

Since I don’t have kids, far be it from me to speak with any authority on the usefulness of rent-and-return toys.

However, from just a casual spectator’s perspective…


I used to babysit. I hang out with friends’ kids now. My signif has a young niece and nephew. And the one thing all tots have in common? They drool! A lot. All over you. All over their stuff. And even though this new kiddie Netflix model claims to clean toys with Clorox wipes, I’m not convinced they’re truly sanitary, let alone sterile.

I’m not against donating used toys, but once they’re re-adopted, they’re (hopefully) given a good scrubbing and then stay put. It’s the back and forth over and over again that’s got me concerned grossed out.

Baby don’t play that.

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