keep your government off of my baseball

The risks of using PEDs: overrated.

The effects of PEDs on baseball: negligible.

Fan outrage? Wake me up when fans actually care. If MLB really worried that the integrity of the game might be compromised, they would probably do something about it.

After all, baseball is a game. Its players necessarily abide by otherwise arbitrary rules that only make sense in the context of baseball. Why do players run the bases in a clockwise direction? Because the rules say so. There is no economic, social, legal, or moral benefit to picking this over counterclockwise. MLB runs the game. They say: clockwise. And so it is.

This may seem self-evident to you, but on a day like today it doesn’t to me. Not on a day when the Capitol Hill for the House Oversight committee decides to intimidate aging athletes – again. Not on a day when it feels compelled to seek clarity on matters such as 1. parties attended by Jose Canseco and 2. Roger Clemens’ glutes. As far as I know, the Constitution doesn’t give the Federal Government the authority to regulate baseball. What am I missing?


2 thoughts on “keep your government off of my baseball”

  1. “What am I missing?” nothing. coal miners die due to unsafe working conditions, brought about at least partially by the same people questioning Clemens, and did congress hold hearings to find out that there were unsafe conditions for the dead miners?

    It’s all about the show, and who’s in charge. and George Will, we have to keep his sorry ass happy knowing our country is trying to keep the game “pristine.”

    Sports is one of the few things that almost works well in the US, so i suppose it is naturual for Congress to try to screw it up like they have every other worthwhile aspect of American life.

  2. Hi Glenn –

    Thanks for your kind comment above and for reading through. It’s been fun to write.

    A contributor friend posted this one, and he’s a brilliant mind so I enlist his expertise on topics from time to time.


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