Path to 500

I lied. I’m too excited not to weigh in. I’ve decided to liveblog…

the vote for Joe Biden!

It’s still early in Virginia. We’re not sure what precincts have reported yet. We’re counting on the north north north eastish corner of the state to bring it home.

With 62% of precincts reporting, Biden’s at 322. Here’s to hitting the big 5-oh…oh.

8:31pm: Big bounce. Huge. In the time it took to link the the Va elections site, we jumped to 368 with 66% reporting. That’s 46 votes. 46 people who believe.

8:37pm: 67% reporting and…wait for it…385. Progress, baby, progress.

8:43pm: This is the signif. We’ve broken 400 ahead of schedule. Jacki is busy phone banking. She’s currently on her cell with a very confused old woman. I’m afraid to tell her that the polls have closed.

8:52pm: We’re at 447 almost 3/4 reporting. Looks like it could be a big night for Joe.

9:04pm: It’s Jax. I’m back. And with 78% reporting, we’re holding at 487. Lucky number 13 to go. I’m optimistic. Cautiously optimistic.

My signif is crunching the numbers and – sensing my hesitation- assures me Joe’s pace is good, and he’s on track to hit 600. He’s a dreamer.

9:10pm: We did it! We did it! While I was sobbing in my salad, 80% brought in the magic number…plus one. 501! 501! Everything now is just dressing. Fat free yet still delicious dressing.

9:30pm: In case you’re still caring (and I know that you are), it’s now 559 votes for Joe with 85% reporting. I’m not going to lie. I’m watching a little American Idol. Checking in on JB. Then watching a little Idol again. I’m that satisfied.

9:52pm: 592 votes at 9:52. Coincidence? I think not.

10:00pm: 615 at 89%. My work here is done.

UPDATE: Checked in at 11:16am just for kicks. With 97% of the precincts reporting, JB hit 792. Not bad for a dude who dropped out January 3rd.

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