Resetting the Bar

Chez’ exit interview is up over at his blog and at The Huffington Post.

I’m flattered he felt inclined to mention our conversation and to speak so candidly about my sudden departure from CNN.

But nevermind where I’ve been. I’m here now, and I’m having fun. Come on in.

What’re you drinking?

3 thoughts on “Resetting the Bar”

  1. you and chez should start your own station, kinda like the TPM spots Josh does. that would be cool, we could link from your blogs, i bet they would get a lot of traffic, and you’d be a kazillionaire!

  2. I’m so far behind on media gossip — and so rarely watch CNN anymore — that I looked like a complete tool at a conference this weekend and made a couple CNN employees just a tad uncomfortable when I suggested “they should have blog reporter Jacki Schechner reporting on this.” I can’t remember if I meant reporting on the computational journalism conference, or if I even made the circular reference that you should be reporting on Chez Pazienza; that would’ve been doubly dense. But the awkward, “Yyyyeaaah, she, ah…”s that followed set me straight.

    At least I found a new blog to read during the day instead of work.

  3. Aww. Well, it’s good to know you thought of me in any case.

    Welcome to my little nook online. This is how I’ve spent my fall/winter vacation.

    Pull up a chair.

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