When Endorsements Matter

How did I miss this news yesterday?

Ben & Jerry are backing Obama:

The founders of Ben & Jerry’s endorsed Barack Obama on Monday, and lent his Vermont campaign two “ObamaMobiles” that will tour the state and give away scoops of “Cherries for Change” ice cream.

Vermont votes March 4th.

3 thoughts on “When Endorsements Matter”

  1. Obama is gonna win VT I think. when i lived there, i voted for Jesse Jackson and I don’t know how many votes he got but he got quite a few, considering.

    Ben and Jerry, the Teddy Bear people, the coffee people, Green Mtn. Roasters, Burlington, Grafton Cheese(the best) are just a few of the other endorsements Obama could nab up there. however there is a conservation spot up in the northeast kingdom where renquist used to have a home, a lot of retired military spooks and such

  2. yeah, it is so much like that bob newhart show, with daryl and daryl, that it’s scary. my brother lives in east montpelier, and is one the fire department, so there are loads of stories i could tell you about rural vermont. but those local, ex hippie companies are the best, like stonyfield yogurt, timberland boots( i think) Eastern Mtn. Sports, and Burdick Chocolate (Ken Burns lives in Walpole where it’s made and they have a nice little “french” restaurant attached to the chocolate shop, but you can buy it online or in Boston and NY, I think. the best chocolate, they make mice and penguins and other little chocolate creatures and the very best hot chocolate you could ever imagine tasting, it’s other-worldly, really.

    there, that’s way too much information i’m sure.

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