Settle Down Now

Morning. Looks like the weatherpeople sort of kind of got it rightish this time. I didn’t see much snow last night before we turned in, but there is a considerable amount of ice on the ground now so I’m assuming we got the wintry mix as anticipated.

In other unrelated yet equally chilly news, a girlfriend emailed around this article last night and asked for input. It’s long so I’ll give you the gist in a nutshell. If you’re not married, you should think about settling for someone you may not be all that into because marriage sucks in the long run anyway and having a partner in the trenches with you – no matter how mediocre said partner may be – is better than going it alone.

I’m mortified by the message and think Lori Gottlieb – though I am sure she’s a lovely woman – needs therapy.

I would also add that many of my girlfriends who are married with children share the following nugget of wisdom that completely contradicts Gottlieb’s thesis:

Marriage is hard which makes it even that much more important that you start out with someone you’re wild about and love truly and deeply. The foundation supports the house. Seems the foundation Gottlieb’s advocating wouldn’t support a pup tent, let alone a home.

Talk about unsettling.

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