You’re So Vain

You probably think this post is about you. But it’s not. It’s about me.

I’ve had this odd trio of skin-colored moles on my face for as long as I can remember. You never notice them until I point them out (or so I’ve been told). They never bothered me all that much, but then recently, I picked up a fourth under my right eye. The new kid on the block concerned me a little so I trekked off the doctor. He too expressed a little concern over the newbie and suggested I have him extradited. I’m sending his three little accomplices with him.

The mini-surgery was scheduled for a couple of weeks from now, but thanks to the crappy weather, I just got a call that someone cancelled and the doc can see me today.

So come this afternoon, I will be quite the vision. Rumor has it I’m going to have to keep the crime scenes covered up for about a week.

I’m slightly frightened and most definitely completely unreasonably mortified at the prospect.

A little vain? Perhaps. But isn’t acknowledgment the first step to recovery?

I’m working on it.

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