Brace Yourself

Did you know your teeth move over the years? I had no idea. I figured you do the braces thing as a teen, wear the requisite ego-killing headgear, and then you’re all set. Turns out if you’re lucky, you get to revisit the humiliation as an adult.

I exaggerate for effect, but I went in for a regular cleaning and – as a bonus – the dentist fashioned me a lower retainer to keep my teeth in place as is. It’s a clear mold and not half as repulsive as the old school flesh-colored palate and wire combo we all so lovingly remember, and I only have to wear it at night. But it’s still a retainer, and my signif has already started in on the teasing.

He wants to know if I will thit nextht to him at lunch and play with him at retheth.

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  1. Having been a braces wearing pre-teen myself, all-too-familiar with “the requisite ego-killing headgear,” I’m compelled to post the following comment:


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