Do you mind? Does it matter?

I wondered out loud why Cindy McCain never spoke much out on the campaign trail and was informed that she had suffered a stroke in the not so distant past and still suffers some short-term memory loss. It’s no secret, but you don’t hear much about it.

Case in point: Take a gander at what’s blatently missing from this imperfect bio piece on the possible future first lady.

I am not sure how much this matters. Here’s one opinion that question’s McCain’s sympathy for his wife.

I’d argue differently. I’d bet Cindy supports her husband’s go-again at the White House, but I also have some questions about her ability to serve as the nation’s First Lady. I suspect there are a whole lot of diplomatic formalities and hostess duties that require some measure of memory. Is there a chance her disability could be misinterpreted as indifference or ignorance in a state setting?

It may seem minor on first glance, but if I thought she was just cold and impersonal standing behind her husband on the stump, I worry a little I may not be the only one.

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